This Websites contains all the necesarry information that will ensure a pleasant and enjoyful vacation at our camp.

Autocamp Preluk is located in the Preluk bay, along the coast, in the shades of the pine trees.Due to its unique position, you can enjoy in the graceful view of the beautiful Opatija Riviera and the picturesque town of Volosko.Prelul is widely recognized as an exceptional wind surfing place, due to ideal climatic conditions and favorable winds that blow especially in the morning and calm during the day.

At the campsite there is a bus stop for the busline 32 that can take you to Rijeka(only 8 km from the camp), or in Opatija (only 4 km).

The ones who enjoy long romantic walks can visit Volosko, distaned only 15 minutes of walk from the camp, or take a walk along the famous “Lungo mare” promenade in Opatija and admire beautiful old villas, picturesque parks, and the sound of waves as they crash into the shore.

The guests that prefer an more active holliday can rent diving equipment at the Volosko diving and surf center. Our camp is located 30 minutes from the mountain Ucka that offers many possibilites like hiking, mountain biking, or kiting.